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Thank you to the athletes!

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  • says:

    Boy, if you can’t be running in the arena, and can’t be sitting in the seats, THIS is the place to be! Outstanding runs, detailed and frank assessments of the runs, just wonderful, thank you so much for offering this learning opportunity.

  • Lynne says:

    The athletes are amazing on and off the field. Thank you for your insight and candor!

  • says:

    Thanks you Sarah and all World Agilitists for days of enlightenment. All were Amazing runs to watch. The after run dissections far surpassed my expectations and a HUGE learning experience. I missed a lot when watching the run video and wouldn’t never have noticed many of the nuances. And Thank You all for your honest sharing. Not just World Class competitors but humans too ❤️

  • Beastie says:

    This was the best! Thank you for sharing your technical knowledge, insights and emotions in your analysis. Thank you Bad Dog for doing this course. So great!!

  • Gwendolyn says:

    Had so much fun watching all of you. Learned a lot and thank you for putting yourselves out there. Win or lose it was an amazing experience.

  • Sashagility says:

    Thank you all for taking the time to show your runs. Then to analyze each one. It was an interesting and informative experience. Again thank you!

  • says:

    Thank you, to all! It was such an exceptional spectator experience. The post course analysis was so interesting and I really appreciate the efforts of everyone!

  • lesnroy says:

    Could not agree more! What a thrilling experience for us to share!

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