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Exercise with Options

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  • brandy479 says:

    Cherry really speeds up when we practice below freezing. I had to take a lead out to make the front and blind options, which I don’t normally have to do in trials (she is usually a lot slower and not as confident with her rear crosses).


  • Susan says:


    This is actually our second time through, I failed to turn the video on the first time. She got all the options on the first try the first time through. I find it interesting that she struggled so much with the turn to the left, as that is what I’d guess most people would do locally, and would seem “safest”. Good information.

  • beardie1234 says:

    I felt I needed to set up the tunnel that precedes the exercise sequence on the course map in order to get a better idea of whether I could manage the FC/BC options. There is an A-frame you can’t see in the camera view replacing the weave poles on the course. Also gave me a chance to see if Tru’s A-frame contact performance would degrade with repetition. Even with the decent head start I got from sending to the tunnel, I had trouble being on time with the FC/BC options. I would definitely opt for the RC option. On the challenge sequence, I used the forced front because Tru gives me an excellent stay at the start and I also practiced starting further back at the tunnel (just because it was there; LOL!).

  • KMAC says:

    I’m recovering from a back injury but slowing making my way back to running. I really liked these options and courses. I especially the Challenge course! I felt SO Connected on the Challenge course. You will notice I videoed Exercise 4 & Psy’s Challenge on a different day because I forgot them. )-:

  • Emilie says:

    Here is Carmen’s attempt. I struggled with my position for the forced front. After a failed first attempt, we went with a “moving forced front.” Eventually I was able to improve with the help of my coach. Thank you!


  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jakes attempt. He dropped a bar on the 1st attempt at the blind cross. We had to attempt the wrap several times. I think he patterned turning to the right & kept going that way. So we moved on to the challenge & then did the wrap.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  • Dennis Kirkpatrick says:

    I’m really enjoying analyzing my own videos before submitting. I said her much less but said wrap too much.


  • vannamanzi@gmail.com says:

    I spaced and forgot to the the inside wrap option. I might go back and add it and resubmit, but here’s front/rear/blind exercise.https://youtu.be/yD2ecp_I1SE

  • cleanrunlevi@gmail.com says:


    Such worthwhile exercises. Thanks for some feedback!!!

    Darlene and Laci

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