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Nested Challenge Sequence

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    The red dog had small issue of taking the second serpentine in line after the back side but was able to fix. The white dog saw nothing but tunnel the first two attempts. After watching the video on those I noticed I really wasn’t showing decel up to the back side with her and my hand was up which could of been read out to tunnel even though verbal was given otherwise lol

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    I had trouble with the blind. Commitment issues 😆. Anyway we are working on it. It also got hot. So we all slowed down.

  • Kim Plath says:

    Here are our nested course exercises. I have a question though. Is there a reason that a blind after the push at #2 is the better handling option? In hind sight I think the push and keeping our dogs on left to the tunnel might have been a faster route for us. We tried to stick to the video example….just curious though.


    The Rooster

      • Kim Plath says:

        Thanks, Sarah! We will work on getting past that wing on the blind!
        The Rooster struggled with that exercise a couple of times in the beginning which was weird because he read the backside/blind really well on last weeks exercises. The tunnel might have been a factor though. He is only 2, so sometimes that tunnel is a BIG distraction for his baby boy brain!!

        And, we love our timers too (it was a great ‘used’ find!)….it’s very helpful to have that immediate feed back when we are trying different handling on the same course setup!

        We are loving this prep course! We practice alone at our place and it has been so great to have these practice sessions! Thanks again!

  • Sue Verbocy says:

    Fun exercise. Tried a few different ways.



  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Hmmm. On my setup, going from 3 to 4 was not a gimme. It needed a quite strong tunnel brake, as you’ll be able to see from my video. I tried it a few ways but was standing around watching 6 for a long time. I think I really do need to learn how to cue and go a bit better….

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    Here’s our challenge run, again turn at jump 6 was wider than I like it to be.

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    This was a great sequence to play with serpentines on! Here is video of our work, looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

  • Sharon says:

    These are two of our attempts at the Challenge sequence. He is running slow for him. He is very insecure about a back side slice with a blind cross. We tried it with little success. After a couple of failures, he will shut down on me and I can’t get him to run at all. I finally did get him to try the sequence without a blind cross (the second clip), and I remembered to front cross after 4 which made for much better turns through the serpentine. My verbal cues were not good, though. By the time I said “wrap” he was already done. I didn’t need two cues anyway.
    I think, for now, I may have to leave out trying a back side slice with a rear cross, and just work on training the skill. What would you advise in this circumstance?

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    Yippee!!! Had all my jumps staked down and managed to get thru this before the wind knocked it over again!! Working hard to reconnect on the backside blinds and cue some collection as we do the return pass on the serp 👍

  • Melody says:

    Melody and Tucker

    Hopefully the handler’s timing is improving on the push to BL since we did Jennifer’s exercises. Been practicing with and without dog.

  • Diane Wood says:

    Ace challenge sequence

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