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Exercise with Options

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  • Sharon says:

    These are clips from our attempt at the exercises for Module 8. I couldn’t really get Toby to run if I did the lead out attempts, so I had him do a previous jump or tunnel to get him going. Hope that is OK. Sometimes it’s hard to get him to run in our small yard. I’m not quite sure why or what to do about it. We did get the exercises done before Nationals, but I didn’t have time to edit and send them in before needing to pack up and go. We didn’t get to the Challenge in time either. I tried it again after we got back, but he really didn’t want to run. When I get those edited, I’ll send them in with the Challenge lesson.

    Thanks for your input. Congratulations on getting 3 dogs in the Finals at Nationals. I did get to watch that in person. It was a challenging course, but fun to watch everyone.


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      It is not uncommon to hear of dogs that struggle with motivation in their own yard. I think it is a bit hard to find that leisure/work balance in a single space.

      Feedback: https://link.getonform.com/view?id=w19NkOL2cbLKS5mKOgBF

      • Sharon says:

        Thank you so much for the feed back. I will work on being more consistent with my “left” and “right” verbals.
        Also, as you noticed, the one thing I am consistent about is calling his cues late. We did go to Nationals. He got a clear round on the PRM STD course which really surprised and delighted me. Then he was great on the STD run except he came off the teeter too early, (95). On Saturday all of his mistakes were me calling the cues too late, some way too late so he had 2 wrong course jump on JWW and one Wrong course on Hybrid. I was pleased that he got all of the backsides, but if I could get my cues in early enough for him, I think he could have made all those runs.

        Thank you so much for pointing out my cue inconsistencies and I will be sure to give him that toy every time I say “get it ” from now on. You are right, I was trying to get him to run, but he caught on fast and already doesn’t believe me.

  • beardie1234 says:

    More than a week of bad weather prevented us from getting these done before Nationals. Still good practice though!

    I opted to put in both spread jumps, the second tunnel, and the final jump because I thought it added significantly to the challenge of the exercises. The large loop to start made it relatively easy for me to do both the front and blind cross options. On option 2, the rear cross with the blind at the end, at first I underestimated completely how far ahead I had to be to get the final blind. I was really running but only just managed to get it done leaving him to do the whole tunnel part on his own!

    In the challenge sequence, had no trouble at all getting option 1, nailed it on the first try. Option 2 was another story. Tru kept going very wide on the curl like he was sure I really wanted the tunnel #3 not the jump. I gave you our best attempt to look at but I wasn’t entirely happy with it. The tunnel thread at the end was no problem.



  • Sue Verbocy says:

    Sorry for not doing the sequences exactly like instructed. I’m leaving for Tulsa tomorrow and only had a day or two to set it up. The dog walk and frame frame from my classes last week limited the last jump so I replaced it with weaves.

    Also my mind was elsewhere so each dog had something different and I totally forgot about Exercise 3 with Zest.

    They were fun sequences and I’m glad I was able to get the spread jumps in.





  • magysagility@aol.com says:

    Here’s Mimi’s exercises. Sorry I had lense set up issues. The front and blind crosses showed the most information. We had a slow start on the first blind cross so I just ran with her on the redo.


  • Kim Plath says:

    Tribute’s practice
    #1 Front cross https://youtu.be/o9RJf01TFnw
    #2 Rear cross https://youtu.be/i0mENtoOOog
    #3 Blind cross https://youtu.be/fUIlZoLsE08
    I might have to try this one again. Not sure if I was already
    thinking about getting to the blind between 7 & 8 but I did a
    little studder step as Trib goes into the the tunnel both times I
    did this one.

  • Kim Plath says:

    The Rooster’s practice
    #1 Front cross (1st try) https://youtu.be/zlEu8affgWw
    Front cross https://youtu.be/7dHXtFOggQI
    #2 Rear cross (but we forgot to put in a blind after 9)
    #3 Blind cross https://youtu.be/mqxjylGOz6I

      • Kim Plath says:

        Thank you so much for your help, Jennifer! This program has been very helpful for Greg and I leading up to NAC. This will be Greg’s very first Nationals and I am so excited to get to watch him and The Rooster play in Tulsa. The Rooster is just 2 years old, so there are definitely some unknowns about how he will handle such a big event, but it is going to be a blast for us!!

        We were hoping to get a chance to run the last nested challenge before NAC, but we unfortunately ran out of time. See you in Tulsa!!

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          I got to see one of Gregs runs; it was hybrid where Rooster took and unfortunate off course to the wrong end of the tunnel 🙁 I didn’t get to see any of your runs but I hope you had a fantastic NAC!

          • Kim Plath says:

            LOL! The Rooster was a bit wild in that Hybrid run! Such a big event definitely had him higher than a kite on their first run of the day, but he settled in by the second run. They finished their first NAC with two fast and clean runs.
            Tribute had an awesome NAC. Clean in Premier, Hybrid and JWW with all top 10 finishes. A heartbreaking DW call in Standard kept us out of Finals. We were just soooo close to making it!
            We had a blast!!

          • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

            I’m so glad you had a great NAC with some SUCCESS!! 🥰

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the work with the cross before the tunnel – I am seeing that ALL the time. There was one weekend where it was in almost every course! Good grief!

    Here is my video: https://youtu.be/k-BVuY7tqlU


  • Melody says:

    Melody and Tucker.

    Somehow managed to not get the front cross recorded, but do think it is a good option for us.


  • Nancy Schanda says:

    Kimber Exercise 1 Options – https://youtu.be/q8WbpIKcR_Y
    Flash Exercise 1 Options – https://youtu.be/P4OOY-sJiMA
    Thank you!

  • Sharon says:

    Where would we find the map of the full course for this small space?

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