Nested Challenge Sequence – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Nancy Schanda says:

    Best of luck to everyone running at the NAC! Kimber has developed a problem with her eye, so we are sadly out for this year. We will be cheering for all of you from home!

  • Bob Daigle says:

    1. Will Printed maps be available?
    2. If so what time in the mornings and where do you pick them up?
    3. Will the have an app for the maps such as Agility Gate?

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Final practice before NAC 😊

    I did not try for the blind cross in exercise 2 due to the way I had to set this up to avoid the remaining rain puddle but I bet I could get there given a different configuration.

    I was super pleased with Claire not taking the bait of the off course jump/tunnel…Carat fell victim so we rewarded and looped around. I totally did not show the wing on option 1 of the challenge either 🙈

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • says:

    Here’s the challenge. I was surprised that the lead out on take off side option 2 got such a wide turn to #3 compared option 1. Worked hard on running a straighter parallel path threadle to tunnel so Mimi doesn’t give me the head check.
    In a trial setting I would try my best to get to the blind cross.

  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Jen,

    Here is my challenge sequence video:

    I started out with a little bit of training to try to get a better turn over #2. A sharp turn over a spread is not one of Enzo’s strengths. Also, I double checked how I set the course–that was quite the tight turn.


  • Melody says:

    Melody and Tucker.

    Option 1 felt really good. Since we do not have a tunnel threadle yet, Option 2 was more of a challenge.

  • KMAC says:

    As you can see from the first pic in the video, I found a tree down on some of my equipment. Thanks the Lord it was not on the fence, dogwalk or A fame. So I rigged the double for these exercises.
    I was concerned about the RC exercise but it ran great with both boys.

    I had more issues with the Challenge courses. Needless to say I need to work the collection recall to 90 degrees but was also worried about the wraps with them going to the tunnel first. Especially exercise 2 and I don’t think I would ever run it that way in a trial. But it is always good to have skills tucked away in your back pocket in case you need them.

    Thank you so much for all your help! I hope to see and meet you at the NAC. However, I know to always respect the instructors time to do what they need to do so, maybe I can catch you between runs. Good Luck and I can’t wait to watch you run.

  • Nancy Schanda says:

    I don’t think the link for Flash came through, so am resubmitting here. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Nancy Schanda says:

    Kimber – Exercise 2 Options –
    Flash – Exercise 2 Options -
    That second option was tough!

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