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Exercise with Options

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  • Christinede1 says:

    Somehow my comment didn’t post so forgive if this gets on there twice! So here is my young whippet Kimchi (Roux has a few weeks off due to some stitches, may I submit his video later?)… I would describe my cues as LATE and my FC footwork as definitely rusty LOL! He’s a Novice dog, and is definitely trying hard, what a good boy! https://youtu.be/atYWBxc8y-c?si=gFfNMypPGBpXsJ0z

  • Ashley Acton says:

    It’s Indy and I’s first NAC. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to run her with ETS (how far ahead I should be, etc). I don’t tend to do rears, but I have it a shot! Thank you for the feedback!!


  • DebAbbott says:

    Ryker and Parks, both going to NAC. Front cross footwork needs improvement; I like blinds better. Parks and I were having startline discussions on the challenge and I forgot the course. Oh well!
    Parks: https://youtu.be/L0ECqPoQYDM
    Ryker: https://youtu.be/BUPUd8GbG64

  • Patty4027 says:

    Worked on set 2, Todd Buchla. I’m lucky that I will have him as a judge before NAC.
    This is Firefly, the dog I’m taking to NAC.

  • cleanrunlevi@gmail.com says:


    Here is Laci’s exercises!


    Darlene and Laci ❤️

  • Nancy Schanda says:

    Here are Flash Man’s exercises for this lesson.
    Thank you!

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Great job! I think the blinds and fronts worked better than the rears for him: https://link.getonform.com/view?id=SrlrFNlTWcmcrXGHofHS

      • Nancy Schanda says:

        Thank you for your quick responses. Luckily I still have this exercise set up and was able to go back and try some things. Regarding the “creating the turn” via a quick halt. I did try this….several times. Each time Flash Man turned to the left instead of the right; thus my reason for using the strong shoulder pull. Getting closer to the jump and then stopping is problematic because he is so fast. But I tried leading out well ahead of him and did the stop and it worked like a charm. When I released him earlier, assuming I was in a place in the run where I couldn’t get that close, when I stopped he again turned the wrong way. So, I had to assume I’m stopping too late. So I tried stopping much earlier….and it worked. I guess his speed requires me to halt much earlier. So, I think I am on the right track with these turns. I actually tried this in a run last weekend and it worked nicely for us, so I will be doing more.

        On the part where I was doing the rear cross on the landing side. I tried this again also. It put me so far behind that he worried about where I am and will spin. He did that just a bit ago. But I tried again adding a “go go go” and he went ahead and took the next jump. I think that both of us just need more practice with this. In trials I often abort RCs that early because I’m afraid he is going to pull off (like he did today). But I will work more with him and hopefully he will get the idea!

        In reality I would have done a blind cross there which seems very natural, but I understand that I am supposed to be learning these moves. I will look for some courses where I can practice.

        Thanks again for your comments. I appreciate it.

        • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

          These are great observations about your dog–experimenting with how much decel and when to do it relative to your dog’s take off point is exactly what you need to do, so great job doing that.

          On decels where your dog turns AWAY from you when you don’t want them to do that, you are probably unconsciously adding shoulder rotation, OR you are slightly pushing on their line so the dog is anticipating a rear cross. Make sure you don’t move into them, and make sure you don’t rotate your shoulders until you know they’re turning the correct way. After several weeks of that, you will be able to turn your shoulder earlier without issue.

          For rears, execution on the “take off side” does require more understanding and forward drive by the dog, so using targets, thrown toys, food bowls, etc. will help in training; the go go go forward cues can also be taught and used, so again, you’re doing all the right things.

  • beardie1234 says:

    Here’s our work on these exercises. All seemed to go equally well. Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • Karyn De says:

    Both dogs seemed to handle fine with all the options. The tip to decel for the first rear cross was a good one, thanks!
    Tigger: https://youtu.be/zsvEAsoZoGI
    Thumper: https://youtu.be/hsNKVRrcxY0

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