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Exercise with Options

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  • Maureen says:

    I did not do the front cross but would love feedback on the other options.

  • Christinede1 says:

    Okay, so Late again LOL! I could NOT get in the decel and the FC and finally gave up. Kimchi is a novice dog and he tried really hard for me, but it was becoming unfun for him and he started to go around jump 1 so that’s why I set him up right before jump 2 instead. I learned a lot here, though, about keeping the joy, which I did much better during the nested challenge. I think I don’t stop and reward/play enough during the sequences when I am taping. Bad me! https://youtu.be/EbqTAQbkOp0?si=EaY0R-UuJBNKkNXo

  • Dennis Kirkpatrick says:

    I’m a little late but here it is. It all went ok. I think I could have done the second front better. We’ve been working on drive to the tunnels from the advice you gave in final week of AIG prep course and I think it’s working.


  • Ashley Acton says:

    It’s Indy and I’s first NAC. I don’t tend to do rears, so they felt a little awkward. Also, on the Challenge, she kept slicing #4 toward the tunnel. Even when we got it, she still hesitated a little. I thought that was a bit strange. Thank you for the feedback!!


  • cleanrunlevi@gmail.com says:


    FINALLY the weather permitted some practice!!

    As you will see I had trouble tightening up the line from J4to J5. Laci jumped wide, running close to the off course jump.

    Anyway, appreciate your feedback!!!

    Darlene and Laci ❤️

  • Barb VE says:

    Here is my video. I would say in run 1, the first FC is late. I thought the BC’s in run 2 were better timed. The RC’s were ok but I would rarely plan to just pull him around 90 degrees.



  • Karyn De says:

    Tigger: https://youtu.be/as-kmUR7H2g
    Thumper: https://youtu.be/NWEw6VjsPPQ

    I included more of my bloopers for this exercise as I had more difficulty with my timing for this module. I also added the 2 jumps that would have been before this sequence in the full course as I often have difficulty with wraps, especially with Thumper. Looking forward to your insight! Thank you!

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