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Exercises with Options

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  • Christinede1 says:

    Since jump 3 was bidirectional, I chose not to do it as a backside since we’re still learning that skill. I was very happy to see Kimchi’s collection on that jump as that is something we struggle with. Super happy with his backside at #6… I realized I was not doing the turn you suggested (the FC before the tunnel) so we tried the blind with that later in the day, it definitely needs work.


    Roux who is less experienced went right in the tunnel on our first try (I think I was facing it so bad me!). To make it easier for him to succeed, I tried starting at jump 2 and that worked better; but again, those collection skills aren’t there… any suggestions for that? It’s a problem I seem to have with all my whippets. His backsides are coming along too. Again, I turned the wrong way at jump 3, so we tried the BC with the FC later, but that was much harder. I find it esp. hard to get that far ahead since he’s a novice dog and I find myself babysitting a bit… TY for your comments!


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