Nested Challenge Sequence – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Carol N Flash says:

    Flash’s challenge 6 exercise. I have three variations, wrap inside/wrap outside, wrap inside/inside, and wrap outside/inside.

  • KMAC says:

    I struggled with Rolex on the Challenge exercises but finally worked it out. Vibe, running second, gets the advantage of my learning from running Rolex.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement and feedback.

  • Sue Verbocy says:

    Hi Sarah, I found this quite challenging especially for Blast who’s less experienced. Blast and I struggled with the slice and wrap in a variety of different ways. I think part of it was that I jumped both of them at 16” because we just came off of a weekend of trialing and I wanted to get these done so they’d have some rest before we left for Perry next week. I felt I could barely get to jump 5 to cue the turn. I did leave all of our bloopers in and even though he turned the wrong way, but was on course, I did keep going to finish it as that’s what I’d do in competition. This really showed that when it’s an angled jump, his understanding isn’t as strong as I thought it was. I don’t usually encounter this when the jumps are more straight on. I’m really looking forward to your critique and any ideas to train this better.

    On Zest’s video I only ran him twice and shame on me, I didn’t notice he pulled off jump 6 until I looked at my video. As he is going on 11, I definitely didn’t want to redo it.

    As challenging as it was, Module 9 was one of my favorites. Module 8 was a ton of fun too.

    Thanks for all you and the team do all for this to come to fruition. It’s such a wonderful tool to have going into these big events.



  • says:

    I would have opted for the slice since the loop required so much decel cue from me to get nice turns.

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