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How to Use this Course

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  • says:

    Starting a bit late… Maris is 14 week old Golden Retriever pup. Excited to see what’s ahead for us.

  • says:

    Hi, Each week we should see a video, but I don’t see them. I’m missing some sort of super simple link? Kathleen

  • Lori Holdren says:

    Radar is a 15-week old English Springer Spaniel. I’m excited to seeing the course progression!

  • Jill Cohn says:

    Freck is a year old Border Collie. We spent his first year in Puppy Preschool, Manners Foundation and Advanced Manners. He is very smart and picks up training cues quickly. Our hope is that through this on line course we can correct some of his inconsistent behaviors while preparing for Foundation Agility.

  • says:

    Very excited to be starting this! We are bringing home a puppy this weekend, and with the world on lockdown it is perfect timing to have an online course to keep us busy and learning. You have done such amazing things with Skeptic – signing up for this was a no-brainer!

  • says:

    We are new to online agility learning. My pup is already 4.5 months old. Hopefully I have not missed the early learning window. She’s a Westie (off breed for many of you BC folk). We hope we can build early skills. I already have 2 other Westies who compete now, one of them is awesome, the other has potential so I’m looking forward to learning new skills.

  • Michele says:

    Hello! I hope to be bringing home a new Sheltie puppy by the end of the year. This course is excellent for helping me organize my training. Is there a module that describes how Sarah B. kept track of her training? If not I’ll save my question for the next Q&A since I didn’t sign up for direct feedback. Thanks!

  • Donna-Lynn says:

    I’m the owner of an amazing standard poodle named Sugarfoot (three double Q’s from MACH 4) and a new standard poodle puppy named Spice. I heard about this course on the podcast and decided to jump in to “keep me honest” in working with Spice and putting a solid foundation on him. He’s already 16 weeks old, so I’m going to have to do a little bit of catching up. Looking forward to progressing through the course!

  • Sharon Bacon says:

    I have a 2 yr old Papillon. I have had him for 1 yr now. He learns fast and is already competing in Agility trials. I am hoping to learn how to maximize his potential and become a good handler. I want to build good foundations so that we won’t “hit a wall” later because I did something wrong or moved him too fast at the beginning. I want us both to have fun for a long time.

  • says:

    Hi, I have a couple dogs that will be benefiting from this program: All Border Collies, ages 5, 1.5 and a 10wks
    Looking forward to improving and beginning new relationships and learning processes with all of my dogs.
    Thank you!

  • Judi says:

    Hi! I also have a 10 week old Australian Shepherd named Vita. She has a lot of spunk. Looking forward to this course.

  • KHV says:

    I have a 10 week old puppy and am looking forward to working through this course! Hi Sarah, hi all…

  • Cyndie Hektner says:

    My puppy isn’t born yet. If all goes as planned, he will be with us the second week of July.

    My plan is to begin going through the materials and use whatever applicable for my six year old standard poodle.

    When we bring our pup home (another standard poodle……great choice, Sarah and Esteban!) I will return to this point and begin with my new pup.

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