Notes: Day 60 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 60

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  • says:

    Where did you find fleece frisbees? I think Zephyr would love.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah- any tips for recall away from playing with other dogs? My puppy has a good recall with many distractions but highly values playing with other dogs and struggles with recall in this situation.

    • Sarah Baker says:

      First of all I will use management and I will NOT call my puppy if I am not positive they will come. If the other dogs will come, call your puppy, then call the other dogs. If not, have them play in a small enough space, or have your puppy on a long line so you can catch them. I would get very close, say come, gently take your puppy by the collar, stuff steak into her mouth, then give her permission to go play again. Do this until she is quickly responding and you do not need to pull to get her to come. Then add more distance. Make sure most of her recalls are rewarded then she is turned back out to play. If you always end the play session after a recall you are punishing her recall.

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