Notes: Day 62 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 62

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  • Collene says:

    Photo caption: Skeptic is NOT amused….

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah- two questions:

    1. Puppies are often excited when they visit new places. Do you insist on loose leash walking? I go back and forth on this because I believe being consistent with criteria is important BUT I also know puppies only have so much self control. What are your thoughts?

    2. I noticed you allowed your puppy to meet three loose dogs. I presume you did not know these dogs. I am always hesitant to take this risk, even if the strange dog(s) are exhibiting friendly body language. I have had a dog killed by an attack from a loose dog, so I am probably more nervous about this situation than most. Thoughts?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      1. Consistency is important, so if I ask my puppy to loose leash walk I do require it. But, I know that there are times my puppy cannot do it and there are also times I do not want to work on it. For those times I use management in the form of a harness. No rules on the harness, pull as much as you want. Loose leash walk when the leash is attached to your collar. Or something like that.

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