Notes: Day 77 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 77

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  • Jennifer says:

    Recalls from puppy play is HARD! MY BC puppy is very social and appropriate with dogs but I am strongly considering taking a 4-6 month break from playing with other dogs because she seems to find more value in that than working with me (even though I make training play!!! Short sessions, lots of tugging!). Thoughts on restricting off-leash play when a puppy isn’t recalling & choosing you?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Recalls away from play are very hard! I usually help and manage A LOT at first. When I get puppies together we usually train at first, using the other puppy as a distraction, then let them play after (with recalls and release to play again). If I need to I will spend lots of time building value for me while near other dogs, working on not saying hello unless given permission. Play is important and good though so I would let her play some for sure.

      Get something amazing like tuna, canned cat food, steak, etc. Have both owners there. Maybe have one puppy on a leash or be in s smaller space. Be close to the puppies, then both owners: Say recall word. Then one hand reaches for a collar while the other hand puts food under the puppy’s nose, using both collar and food to gently separate the puppies. Huge celebration with food/toy then an immediate release to play again. Repeat.

      I hope that helps!

      • Jennifer says:

        Will try this. Essentially you are recommending keeping the puppy play much more controlled versus having them off leash in a big area. Because believe me, when a 6 month old BC doesn’t want to be caught, there’s no way you’re getting a hold of her collar! And I don’t chase, cause I think that just reinforces her game of keep away.

        • Sarah Baker says:

          Yes, when you want to practice recalls, control the environment somehow. Or have the play be with a trained dog that will recall on cue. Often the other dog will come when the first dog does.

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