Video: Tunnels – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Video: Tunnels

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  • says:

    Last fall I bought a chute from NTI and removed the chute part and now have a nice short tunnel! I intended to use it to teach tunnels turns for my older dogs…but it has sat around for months. But I am excited to use it for the puppy! I’m also thinking I should use the chute fabric to make some tunnels bags (as if I was handy at sewing).

  • Linda Brisbin says:

    I like all the rewards….but what are you using?
    Ive used kibble and some softer treats, but end up overfeeding

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I use toys as much as I can, but Skeptic went through a phase where food was more valuable and sometimes it is just easier… What I use depends on how much exercise he will be getting and what kind of distractions there are. If he will getting lots of exercise I can give higher value treats (I use cheese, real meat, freeze dried liver, happy howie’s meat log, etc) because he will burn them off. If there are lots of distractions must use higher value treats. If I need to conserve calories or I plan to do lots of training I just use kibble. In the house I usually use kibble. If I do lots of training with food I do not feed meals to balance out the calories.

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