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Summary and Homework

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  • says:

    hi i have tried to download the above lesson however the page is blank? is there something im doing incorrect?

  • kari.massoth says:

    So I feel like I let my puppy down as we have gotten busier this summer. He is at his 6 month age, and there are many of these things that I have let slip, and allowed him to be a little feral. Do I need to start back at the basics and build up as fast as he is willing to show his retention? Or pick up at my last left spot and build on that?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Try not to feel bad. Life happens and sometimes dog training is not the priority. That is okay.

      Where you need to start just depends on the puppy. I would test him on what he *did* know so you know where he stands on all the behaviors. By testing, I mean asking questions like do you remember what sit means? If I put a perch out do you remember at all how to interact with it? Just start with each behavior, see what he remembers and go from there. And have fun!

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