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Video: Sequencing

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  • says:

    As you build value for agility by tugging, do you limit tugging at home with you? For example, my puppy will often grab toys and shove them into me to tug (not play fetch) randomly throughout the day.

  • Jeri Prekop says:

    when you teach “real jumping after age one” – what methods do you use? my pup is 10 months old — bars are low. he will sometimes knock a bar – how do you address it at this age?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I mostly use Linda Mecklenburg jump training. I usually just ignore or briefly stop to reset the bar. If it is a problem, I take the bars away for now.

  • cynthia says:

    Do you have a verbal cue for tight turns out of a tunnel?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Yes, check.

      • cynthia says:

        do you think there is value in having different cues for turning hard to the right versus to the left?

        • Sarah Baker says:

          I think it can be very useful to have specific right vs left cues. I have those in addition to my generic collection cue, check. The faster the dog is in relation to the handler the more important verbals are. Or if you want to well at gambles.

          • cynthia says:

            thank you. did you teach the right vs left after he learned “check”? Would you use the same right/left turn for tunnel/dogwalk/jumps?

          • Sarah Baker says:

            Hmmm, he learned check before right and left. Yes, I use the same right/left rightrightright/leftleftleft for running contact turns and jumps. I tend to just use check and natural cues with tunnels but directionals with tunnels are just fine to use.

          • Jennifer says:


            Just to clarify, you are using the same verbals (left/right?) for turns off of jumps, contact equipment and tunnels?

          • Sarah Baker says:

            Correct, I have the same turning cues for jumps, tunnels and contacts (check, right, left).

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