Video: Directionals Part 1 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Video: Directionals Part 1

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  • Susan Hayes says:

    Apparently I trained impulse control too well! When I tap my dog, she will not go for the tossed cookie until I give her the release cue, “ok”. Is this an issue? How do I get around this?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Does your dog have a get it cue? If so, I would tap, then say get it as you toss. If not, you can teach it or try tap then saying okay as you toss. Is your pup turning toward the treat and just not getting it or is your pup not moving at all?

      • Susan Hayes says:

        She turns towards the treat and then waits. I have to say “ok” for her to get the treat. She is a horrible counter surfer so I have been working with her not lunging for food that I drop. She has transferred that to me tossing the treat. If I say “get it”, when would I say “right/left”?

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