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Important Puppy Skills Recap

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  • Collene says:

    It would be great to have this as a downloadable PDF like the ones at the end of each week.

    Then, I was also hoping maybe you could also put together a resource list of good references (books or online) that you recommend for general puppy training.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah, can you give an overview of how you teach directionals?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      If you are part of the Bad Dog Academy, there are videos about it there.

      If not, Hops learned legs circles by luring, then hand signal, then verbal, then generalized and transferred to jumps.

      Skeptic learned the tap method. He starts in between my legs. Somehow he needs to focus forward so he is not looking at me, I used a manners minder. I would tap his right side, then toss a cookie to his right, or tap his left side and toss to his left, or say go and reward from the manners minder. After lots of reps, test by saying right/left/go and see if he does it without the prompt. Generalize then add to wings.

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