February 2021 Q&A – Bad Dog Agility Academy

February 2021 Q&A

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  • Sharon says:

    What advise do you have on how to “proof” the weave poles? I need some detailed help. My dog has good speed through all 12, but recently he has popped out early at a trial. I think because I stopped my forward motion so I could turn toward the next jump before he was through all 12 poles . At home I have been throwing a ball as he finishes the 12. I rarely try a front cross because I am usually too far behind him. I can’t run very fast.

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Here is a proofing list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18d_Nzz7VWHiLfC3B2L_Pp0aZLpdR85K9/view?usp=sharing
      At home I would definitely work on staying behind and moving away laterally. I would also work on weaving with pre placed rewards. This helps with forward focus and distractions. At first have the reward after the poles but then move it farther back until it can be near pole 1 and he can weave all the poles then come back for it.
      At trials, consider entering FEO at a venue that would allow you to toss his toy after the poles.

      • Sharon says:

        Thank you for the check list and the advice. I have never tried preplaced rewards and I’m not sure how to teach that, but I guess that would be the next thing I should be working on. Thanks again

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