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Video: Following and Heeling

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  • Carol Kennedy says:

    Sarah, we have a 10 week old, highly excitable and energetic golden retriever. When I run, even slowly, and try to get her to follow me, it results in her growling, jumping, and biting at my legs. Any suggestions?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Try to break the behavior up into as small of pieces as you can. For example, get heeling solid at a walk, then a fast walk, then a trot, etc. In the beginning stages of heeling I ask for very small time increments, so one quick moment of focus gets marked and the reward gets dropped low enough for my puppy to eat it/play with it without jumping up. Tossing the reward on the ground with a get it cue might help too.

  • says:

    When you use the clicker, what are you clicking? Position, looking?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I will click many behaviors, depending on what my dog needs to work on. I will click things like having all four feet on the ground, being in heel position, being straight in heel position, attention, deceleration, acceleration, etc.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah, I notice that you run through some of the uprights and Skeptic follows you. Is this confusing to the dog later on when you only run along side the jumps (like would the dog think they should bypass and come with you)?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Many of the behaviors we teach start with just part of the behavior then we add and change criteria. Weaves start with a channel or just 2 poles but dogs learn to weave. He did not know how to run through standards at that time, he was just following me. It was a nice way to start to teach him to run through standards.

  • Jennifer Clemons says:

    When you had skeptic run through the jumps it looked like you were luring through some of it, like encouraging slow backsides or turns- am I seeing the correctly? My puppy Chapter is my first BC, i previously ran cocker mixes who I Could outrun most of the time. Any tips on doing the follow me with jumps when Chapter is already so much faster than me? Will the foundation training of following before jumps help with this? Thanks!

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Yes, there was some luring in the beginning because he had not learned a wrap behavior yet.
      To get ahead, I would start by sending him to do something in one direction while you run away in the other direction. Examples: Send to a tossed cookie, send to a baited target or bowl, send around a post, start from a stay (crate/cot/bed), have someone else hold him to give you a head start, send him to go touch something, etc. With faster dogs I really train sends and stays so I can get ahead! Please let me know if that helps!

  • Lorraine Cook says:

    A bit off topic but I really like the harness Skeptic is wearing 3:58. I haven’t seen these in Australia. Could you please tell me what brand it is.

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