Notes: Day 3 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 3

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  • says:

    It seems it would be difficult to potty train a puppy that is not on a regular feeding schedule. If the pup is feed throughout the day how can he get regulated?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      He still had meals, he just trained for them vs eating out of a bowl. And all my dogs get treats throughout the day and I have never had it be a problem. Plus Skeptic was far too small to eat meals and have food training sessions.

  • says:

    What do you mean by platform training? Also, do you prefer an x-pen to a crate for confinement? Do you do “crate games” using both the crate and the x-pen?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      By platform training I just mean getting up on and staying on the low, little box I made him. It is like a mini cot. It is a great place to begin stays.

      I prefer the crate when I am going to leave my puppy completely alone like when I leave or at night when I sleep. I like the Xpen for when I do not want my pup confined to a very small space but I still need some space management.

      Yes, I do crates games with both the crate and Xpen.

  • kari.massoth says:

    Question on the kibble. I feed raw, so it is a little harder to play the training games for his breakfast, lunch or dinner. Without using kibble, how could I go about still using the training methods you’re using?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Keep reading : ) Skeptic ends up having surgery and is on soft food for awhile. I used a spatula and canned food for training at each meal. Not as easy as kibble but I made it work! You can also use toys when possible.

    • says:

      I feed raw and use either little raw chunks of meat for treats or spoonfuls of his meals. I save containers like humice containers and train both dogs for spoonfuls of meals. I buy extra meat when I shop for our meals and cut some of it up when it is raw for dog treats and cook the chicken for “public” training like agility classes where the teacher or other people may want to give some of the treats and not like to deal with raw.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah- you mention how difficult it is when you have no choice but to do something that your puppy doesn’t like (such as medication or a bath). Can you elaborate on HOW to undo the negative experience so they can be more cooperative in the future?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Lots of classical conditioning, using amazing treats. Be sure to stay under threshold, your puppy should not be feeling fear. Wait for a CER (conditioned emotional response) before moving on. So when you present the trigger, your puppy is thinking, “Yea! Cookies!” Not uh oh. So for Skeptic, when we were working on putting things in his mouth, I started with a TINY reach toward his mouth, marked it with a click or yes, then treated. It is important to mark the moment of the reach or puppy may think moving the hand away from his mouth is the what means cookies. I mark my reach toward him, then reward.

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