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Video: Socializing

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  • Linda Brisbin says:

    At what age or how many vaccines do have before taking puppies to outside areas. My pup only has had one…waititing for at least second to go to public places…
    Your thoughts…..

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Disease wise, I am careful where I take my puppy to start with. I take him to places I trust or places dogs do not usually go to socialize at first. I carry the puppy at the vet and pet stores to start with. After the 2nd set of shots I go to more places. Skeptic was taking walks and going on outings soon after he came home.

      • says:

        So in response to this my puppy comes Friday has first set of shots. Other than my own dogs do I let her meet a puppy or dog on my own property before those second shots?

        • Sarah Baker says:

          Personally, I invite over people and dogs that I trust as soon as I think it will not overwhelm my puppy. I also start taking them places other dogs do not commonly go.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah, two questions:

    1) My BC puppy loves people but I worry about introductions with kids because she is excitable, jumpy, and teething (razor teeth!). Ideas on how to do introductions with kids?

    2) When meeting other dogs, how do you ensure the other dog is SAFE for puppy? I am super cautious because I have an older dog that got attacked as pup and it left a lasting impression. Also, how much do you try to control the situation? Do you ask Skeptic to sit first and then release to go play? Do you practice recalling him away from play? If so, what if he ignores (chooses playing with the dog over you)?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      1) Try to find kids that can follow instructions. Then you can give them instructions like staying calm, how to pet, when to give cookies, what cues to use, to move away if the puppy jumps or bites, etc.
      For Chapter, I would have cookies for training and some management in play. If he likes toys, you can try to keep a toy in his mouth to prevent biting. The kids can even have him work for the toy. I would keep a hold of his collar or have a short leash or a head collar on him so you can prevent jumping. Giving him a job to do (sitting, give a paw, etc) can help. Another idea is to put him in an Xpen. Hops will never be trusted with children but he has been able to work for them, get cookies and even tug with them when he was in an x pen. I think it is very helpful for puppies to learn that children can give cues and rewards just like adults.

      2) Most of the dogs my puppies greet are dogs that I know. I will ask the owners if their dog is good with puppies if I am not sure. I am also very good at reading body language and would not let him greet dogs I was unsure about. If there is any stiffness, hard staring, hackles, growling, etc, no greetings.

      How much I control greetings depends on the puppy. A shy, cautious puppy will be allowed and praised for going up to other dogs. A rude, boisterous puppy like Skeptic must wait for permission ; )

      Yes I practice recalls out of play. BUT, I am very careful when I do it. Times I will recall at first: If I KNOW he will come, if the other dog will recall (most puppies will follow the other dog), if my puppy is already heading toward me and looking at me, if there is a way I can help him come if he chooses not to (leash, small space). I will NOT call him if I think there is any chance he will not come. Dogs can easily learn when they do not need to listen to cues. As I train a more solid recall I will ask for it under different circumstances. Most recalls out of play should be followed by being released to play again. If my puppy does not come when called, if I can I will get closer and try to help them, or see if running away works. If I cannot get him, I let it go for the moment and evaluate when I should be recalling at this point in training and my training plan for recalls.

      I hope that helps!

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