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Video: Circling

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  • Lynn Ackerman says:

    Would a cone work for this exercise?

  • Jennifer Clemons says:
    This is our 4th session of circling. He seems to get stuck and not quite understand. I’m also wondering if he’s concerned about my other dog barking. The other sessions i have just continuously rewarded any movement around. Should I go back to that?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      If he is concerned about your other dog barking I would definitely remove that stimulus while he is learning a new behavior. I would separately work on him being comfortable with your other dog barking.

      When you are shaping circling, make sure that you only click for motion. Many of your clicks came when he was standing still or while he was occupied, eating a treat. He really seemed to enjoy the “get it!” tossed treat. I would make your treats move more. Try waiting for him to take a step, click, then say get it and chuck the treat! I would definitely be clicking for any bit of motion forward. When my dogs are stuck I will also tell them that they are a good dog and they are doing a good job. That can help them stick it out, knowing that they are not “wrong” they just have to try a little harder for the click.

      You can also try moving to a different method to jump start the behavior. If he is comfortable with a collar grab I would try holding his collar with one hand then teasing him with a toy/treat near the circling object. When he is focus and pulling toward the lure release him, have him chase your hand around the object then toss the reward. You can do this without the collar grab if necessary.

      Another way is to start with holding him near one side of the object but have the reward planted around the side. When you see him straining to go around the object to get the the reward, let go of his collar.

      Please let me know if you need video of these other methods and remember to have fun with training!

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