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Video: Classically Conditioning Body Handling

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  • Valerie Spadaccini says:

    I just got my puppy a week ago. He is now 9 was. I am conditioning him to the sound and feel of the vibration of the dremmel. How did you clip nails before accepting the Drexel without causing anxieties. He is good with me touching his feet but my timing is lousy for clipping while he is still

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I find that the clippers are easier in the beginning. When I need to trip nails I use super high value food (and a helper or food smeared on something to keep the puppy occupied) and quickly clip. Then I can take my time with the Dremel and do not cause any stress around it.

  • Jill Cohn says:

    What is a head collar and why do you use it. Also, I know what a muzzle is. When do you use it?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      A head collar is like a halter used on a horse. It controls the dog’s head so they cannot pull very hard. It is used to make it easier to walk a dog that pulls hard when on leash.

      Usually I use a muzzle if I am concerned about someone’s safety. For example, Hops wears one when he goes to the eye doctor because a stranger putting their face near his makes him very uncomfortable. He also wears one when loose in the house with our dogs so if he goes over threshold he cannot hurt anyone.

      I also travel to Europe with my dogs. Over there dogs are allowed to be in many more public places than in the states, especially if they are muzzled.

      I think all dogs should be muzzle trained so in case they have to wear one some day they will be comfortable and not freaked out.

  • Susan Hayes says:

    What kind of collar do you have on Skeptic in this video?

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