Video: Crate Games – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Video: Crate Games

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  • Sarah Scott says:

    Thank you for this-super helpful for our Belle, who doesn’t want to miss anything, and therefore isn’t super excited about the crate! Thank you!

  • says:

    I see you allowed Sketpic to be around other dogs at a younger age? Are you fine with allowing him to be around other puppies even when he does not have all of his shots? I want to socialize my puppy (11 weeks old) but am worried about parvo..

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Yes I am just careful. He did not greet dogs at dog parks or pet stores, but at class, trials and my house and such where I knew the dogs were vaccinated.

  • Harriet Holland says:

    What was his operation for? The breeder told that I should wait to have my dog fixed until he is a year old. Mine is 7 months old. What is your school of thought on this?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      He swallowed thing too big to pass through……. sigh. I definitely wait until my dogs are grown and mature before fixing them. And if there are no problems we might not fix them at all.

  • Valerie Spadaccini says:

    I notice you look at the dog not at the crate which is where you want him to go. All the dogs I have previously trained were taught when I look at you I want eye contact. How do I get the puppy to know the difference?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Eye contact is not a default behavior for my dogs. I want them to be able to figure out where to go even if I am not looking there. The more independent my dog can be the better. I work on going where I look/point in the pointing game and other places. If eye contact is a default behavior you teach to your dogs though, you will definitely not want to look at them during this exercise.

  • kari.massoth says:

    I’m really struggling with the crate. This is the first dog of mine that actively refuses to come to me when he knows it’s crate time. We feed in the kennel, and treat in the kennel, and once he is in, he doesn’t make a fuss. I’m trying to be patient and build the confidence that it’s a great place to be, but he is choosing to refuse and run away.

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I would be playing lots of crate games during training time to build lots of value for going in. Make it a super fun game to run into the crate then be released out. Then throughout the day, I would crate the puppy, reward, then release them out so going in does not always mean staying in. Great news that he does not fuss once in!

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