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Video: In and On Boxes

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  • Harriet Holland says:

    I’m wondering is this just a fun exercise or does it shape his mind or behavior in some way to advance his agility performance??

    • Sarah Baker says:

      This is definitely agility related. Dogs need to have a strong awareness of their back feet to help them be safe and successful while running courses. This is one of the many exercises to work on feet awareness. It does also help him learn how to think ad offer behaviors.

  • Paula says:

    I have to say that around 9:08 it must have been super confusing for the other dog, and frustrating for the handler, to have the click/treat going on while trying to train.??

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Nope! Dogs can easily learn to respond to only the marker cues it’s handler gives. It is just like any other distraction. Pay attention to me, not the environment. That is the whole reason we were getting together to train. To have distractions to work through!

  • Valerie Spadaccini says:

    do you eventually use a cue to get in or on the box?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I might informally add a “get on” cue. Later I will teach contact behaviors with boxes then will add whatever contact cue I want. For foundation behaviors I will sometimes just reward what I want.

  • says:

    I am missing in the video how you shape skeptic from front paws on the box to rear paws on the box. Freck is great at the front paws but just sits there and smiles or totally walks off. There must be a pause in between to keep his rear paws on the box?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Rear feet can be very challenging for many dogs. Often a lower, wider box can be a big help. I am also careful to click and treat rear feet moving closer to the box, even if they do not get in. How are you delivering the reward? Tossing food instead of handing it to him can help him move more. Do you have video you can send me? How is he at shaping other behaviors?

  • Collene says:

    This video is dog breeds in a nutshell. Hops, the smart Border Collie, just gives up on the idea any treats might come his way. Rice, the lab, is ever optimistic that all that clicking might somehow lead to something good for him 🙂

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