Notes: Day 17 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 17

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  • Liz says:

    Had Skeptic already had his second booster when you took him on the hike? Or did you just feel fairly safe with this trail you picked?

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah, you have mentioned a lot of people training Skeptic besides you (husband, mom, friend). Are you ensuring everyone is consistent to not confuse the puppy (cue words, hand signals, marker work, timing)?

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Everyone is briefed on those things yes. I am not too concerned about them being perfect unless it is something like a recall or biting, or something else really important. While constancy is preferred, for general stuff the puppy can handle some differences and can certainly learn that you have different rules. Most people cannot follow very many instructions at once so I tell them the most important things.

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