Notes: Day 20 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 20

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  • cynthia says:

    Do you think it is important for your dogs to “play” together? Is tugging with a toy and another dog easy to train? I have terriers, and I think it would end up in WWIII 🙂

    • Sarah Baker says:

      I think it is important for dogs to play with other dogs, IF it is safe and fun for everyone. Those dogs may or may not be my other dogs, it just depends. Some dogs do not want to play with other dogs at all. You have to do what is right for your pack. For the most part with Skeptic and Hops, I work on them ignoring each other. What I *hoped* for was that Hops and Skeptic would love each other and play nicely and safely every day. Did that happen? No. But, they like each other and for the most part ignore each other. No one is trying to bite the other one. So a win overall I think : )

      • Emilie says:

        When you first brought Skeptic home, was he allowed to have supervised play time with your other dogs? Why or why not? If he was allowed, for how long did you allow it? If everyone in your house got along safely, would you allow them to play and hang out together? If this question is not ok to ask, just let me know and I apologize in advance!

        • Sarah Baker says:

          Skeptic was allowed supervised play with Rice and Dillon from the beginning because we trusted both older dogs to be appropriate with him and to not hurt him. He was always out with those two from the beginning, no time limits. When it came to him and Hops, we knew that Hops was not safe for him to be loose around. They were only allowed to interact through crates and xpens. If everyone got along we would definitely let them all hang out and play together. I would limit their time together only if there was a problem like they played too much, or too rough or I could not get enough value to play with me.

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