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Video: Waiting Your Turn

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  • Sarah Baker says:

    Here is an answer to someone asking about what I did with the other dogs while training Skeptic: Outside, when Skeptic was very small and I could outrun him, Hops was running free around the yard because I could catch the puppy. Hops does not interfere because he does not want anything to do with the puppy and he is content to run around with his toy. Once Skeptic was fast enough to outrun me, I did not do that set up again until Skeptic had a reliable recall. If I wanted Hops out as a distraction then Skeptic was on a leash or heavily managed with toys and cookies. After lots of work, Skeptic can now work with Hops running around, barking at his toy. Inside, Hops was in an Xpen or crate if Skeptic was out. That way I could have him near, but have little risk of a negative encounter. Gradually I worked them closer together, then put Skeptic on a tie down to work with Hops loose. All my dogs gets training to wait their turn calmly and quietly while others work. Some still need more training… ; ) Rice and Dillon have had years and years of experience waiting for their turn and now have no problem chilling while others train. At first they were highly rewarded for waiting. I can let them wonder or put them on stays somewhere. So you can start with your 5 year old in a crate nearby and reward for calm and quiet. When ready, graduate to an xpen, then a bed/cot and tie down, then no tie down, etc. Make sure you are rewarding the waiting dog often enough. When I do not have time to train, I manage (the waiting dog is given a stuffed kong, a manners minder, a raw bone, crated in the car, etc).

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