Notes: Day 27 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 27

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  • Jennifer says:

    Just wanted to say that I think nose work is a great thing for puppies. There seems to be a false notion out there that it is not good for agility dogs because it will lead to sniffing the ground in the ring. I think this is nonsense and I am glad to see you doing nose work with Skeptic. My 4 month old BC has been started on odor as well 🙂

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Yes I think nosework is great! There will not be nosework odor at trials so I think there is no conflict of interest. Especially if you use different equipment (harness vs agility leash) and cues. Nosework was a large part of Dillon’s rehab traffic training. We started doing searches near traffic but where he was below threshold. Then we slowly moved the game closer. He did not care about the scary traffic because he was hunting odor! It is also a great way to tire them out without running them. A few hides and all my dogs pass out!

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