Notes: Day 28 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 28

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  • says:

    We are teaching “leave it” and use recalls a lot also…getting my dog’s attention once he locks into something though has proven to be a challenge even with the yummiest of treats in hand. Forrest is a 10 week old Weim and he thinks everything is potentially food…I don’t worry so much about wood, sticks, mulch as they normally get chewed up, but I do worry about small rocks and pebbles, pieces of walnut shells left by squirrels all over (squirrels are so messy), dropped peaches and pits around the peach trees, and bits of bone and other debris thanks to our eagles, falcons, and hawks. I have him on a long line but most of the time, we are working on walking on a “leash” and I only let him run when we get to areas where I know my other two adult and biddable dogs will take off and he will follow, head and nose up.

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Skeptic was the same way in the beginning, he wanted to eat everything. You are on the right track, lots of IYC, lots of management. In the beginning I had Skeptic on a leash and if we were going past a surface with things like bark and rocks for him to pick up, we either ran or picked him up or put a cookie lure on his nose. I did not allow him to eat anything, even sticks. Hold them sure, but only eat food. If needed, you can muzzle train him or get him a mesh face mask commonly used to prevent foxtails from getting into dog’s faces.

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    Oh wow! I kept seeing earlier hints that he had surgery and now I know why! How scary. Our little Toller is also ALWAYS eating stuff …but at 13 weeks he’s narrowed it mostly down to munching our yard mulch. But it’s been a great opportunity to work recalls because if we see him munching, we call him and he will come tearing across the yard to trade the wood for a treat. Far more effective than chasing him down to get the mulch out of his mouth 🙂

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