Notes: Day 46-48 – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Notes: Day 46-48

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  • says:

    Forrest (at 14 months) now doesn’t really want his toys outside. He seems to know they are “inside stuff” so Joe and I allow him to find a “favorite stick” (one that is sturdy enough to remain somewhat intact) on our walks to deter him from eating everything AND to practice retrieves. He loves that game IF it is a stick and we are outside. Inside, he is fine retrieving toys.

  • Sarah Baker says:

    That can be a tough one! Sometimes I will try and create a hold and carry by tossing the retrieve item. Sometimes I will keep ahold of the item and ask for more than one “take” before rewarding. Multiple takes can turn into a grab. You can teach a chin rest in your hand, then add a take to it. You can also see if watching another dog do it helps. That was the break through for Skeptic. Be patient and use high value rewards!

  • Jennifer says:

    Sarah- can you explain how you teach a puppy to hold an object in their mouth? Also carrying an object? My puppy is happy to take an object or pick it up but I am struggling with HOLDING and CARRYING. Thanks!

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