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  • Collene says:

    I noticed a lot of handlers did dog on left to the table and then it seemed like they ended up with the dog downed on the table but facing the wrong direction for jump 15. But I gathered that the down is no longer required because not everyone did that. So if you don’t have to down the dog, it might not matter whether you added a FC or BC before the table.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      You are correct that a position on the table is no longer required. I did not ask for position from my dogs as I knew they would be facing the wrong direction for #15.

  • Diane Marshall says:

    I watched the preliminary runs on this course. It seems the hardest part is getting the correct end of the tunnel for 7,8 and 9. That is my personal kiss of death because I am a slower handler and I work distance.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Many handlers that struggle with tunnel discriminations use “degree of pull”. Meaning, they just turn their shoulders harder to “pull” to the correct tunnel entrance.

      Instead, we recommend a specifically trained cue that means “don’t go for the obvious tunnel entrance, come toward me to the non-obvious”. This takes some upfront training, but tunnel discriminations are so common that we find it invaluable.

      Here’s a public article that shows how our handling differs for the “regular” tunnel entry vs the “non-obvious” tunnel:

  • Collene says:

    The table (***sigh***). I think you’ve done this analysis before, but I can’t remember where: how often has the table been showing up at Westminster?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I think it always does. The preliminary rounds are “real” AKC runs. That means they count toward titles, including MACH! A few handlers have earned their Mach at Westminster earning an extra fabulous ribbon.

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