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Jennifer Crank and P!nk Standard Analysis

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  • says:

    5-9 Would you consider DOR and BC between 7 & 8? I have a fast dog and I am not so fast so worry about being too far behind coming into 8. So I would send to 4 and keep DOR (?)

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Many handlers did 4-5-6 with dog on right but most then crossed after the aframe (#6), not between 7-8. I think a cross between 7-8 was too hard to be that far ahead. Also, I think the tunnel discrimination gets easier if the dog is already on your left going over 8.

      Many handlers who did a BC 5-6 got the off course #12 so that option made me nervous too.

  • NancyHaynes says:

    I see now why your line to the first front cross was the best choice. Had you moved further out you would have been more likely to open the off-course jump at the end of the dog walk.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Jennifer – Just some context. Nancy posted this on the map analysis before you ran:

      “Jennifer, I like the front crosses you discussed as a possibility. Your idea of front crossing before the weaves is awesome, wouldn’t have that of that myself. I’m curious as to exactly where your position is for the fronts you’ve talked about. My instruction has been that for the most part one should be closer to the next obstacle than in the middle of the two obstacles. It’s a bit difficult see with the arrows exactly where you are when you are crossing. Is my thinking wrong?”

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