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Sarah Baker and Hops Standard Analysis

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  • says:

    It is very interesting to compare the handling techniques of Jennifer & Sarah on say just #1 & #2. It seems Hops had a tighter turn on jump 2 and I wonder if it was because Sarah was positioned to the side of the jump #2 wing as opposed to Jennifer’s position behind the wing. Both dogs took 2 strides between #1 & #2. Also I wonder how training factored in? Even though I am currently on a forced break (dog injury) there is so much learning to be had here and fun to watch besides!

    • Sarah Baker says:

      If jumps 2 and 3 had been parallel to each other, I would have been on the landing side of 2. I walked starting on the landing side of 2 but I felt staying on the take off side got me a little closer to number 3 since they were off set a little. Training always factors in ; ) But so does excitement! We have trained that table of course! Haha!

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