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Jennifer Crank Jumpers Map Analysis

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  • Collene says:

    So neat to have these analyses and then be watching live stream to see how different ppl implement the options you describe.

    So far in the 16-20″, a couple of gotchas I’ve seen are (I probably notice these as things I would probably do 🙂 ):
    a) ppl over-pursue send to the tunnel 6 – that is running all the way up to the entrance instead of pulling up/away, which means their dogs have less info on where to go after tunnel,
    and b) jump 16: ppl doing the wrap on 16 seem like they might be blocking dog’s view of wing since some have pushed off it towards 17 vs ppl doing the slice on 16 spending too much time admiring their dog doing it (this is totally me!) and therefore getting behind on the final line and ending up having to push some to the ending jump

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Yes, I saw people doing exactly as you are describing. One of the teams in the 12″ finals trains at IncrediPAWS and he blocked the wing of #16 while doing the backside wrap and got the off course to #17. As soon as he saw me after his run he just said “I know, I know…DON’T BLOCK THE WING!” 😉

      I also saw some handlers run 4-5-6 with dog on left and decelerate too soon for the correct end of the tunnel and get the off course to #7 instead.

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