Jennifer Crank and P!nk Finals Analysis – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Jennifer Crank and P!nk Finals Analysis

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  • says:

    Congrats- that was an amazing run.

  • Collene says:

    Awesome run, looked like you both were having so much fun showing us all how it’s done!

    Really appreciated the discussion about the handling at jump 4 and observing your patience to wait as the dog loads into the weaves. That is something I would miss thinking about just looking at the map.

    On the backside at 9: You discussed in the before analysis using a spin there to tighten up the turn to the dogwalk. Did you decide it wasn’t needed or just spur of the moment didn’t end up doing it?

    Fantastic performance, congrats on the win!

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I really thought that the spin was going to be my plan based on the map but when they built it the DW was just offset enough that if P!nk had responded to the spin like she should, she would then have to kick out away from me to get on thee DW. I thought he pull was the best to keep her jumping effort consistent with my cueing and giving her the best DW approach.

  • Mary Hostetter says:

    Congratulations on winning Westminister!! Thanks for the analysis. Lots of good information to learn from.

  • says:

    Congratulations Jennifer and P!nk!! I will be watching this over and over. So much to be learned and it’s amazing how you can make last minute changes to your plan as you did in the last part of the course.

  • says:

    Fabulous analysis! And a fabulous run! I know you must be so tired, but I want to thank you for your wonderful detailed analyses. They really help me. Congratulations again on winning Westminster!!!

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