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ISC Run Analysis (Sarah Baker and Skeptic)

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  • Barb Davis says:

    Great threadle wrap on jump after broadjump

  • Trish O'haver says:

    Sarah in your analysis, toward jump 15 there is mention one could “cue stack” ….for clarification what exactly is “cue stack”.

    • Sarah Baker says:

      Cue stacking is giving multiple cues instead of one. For example tunnel threadles used to be “cue stacked” for me. The cue was “Come, tunnel.” Now I just use “seek.” Hops would need a cue stack to go ahead of me and take a jump and to turn at it (GO JUMP, check), Skep can forward send better so often only needs the cue check. Does that make sense?

  • says:

    ROCK ON 🤩🏆
    Beautiful teamwork 🎉

  • says:

    Absolutely fabulous run and great analysis! Thank you!

  • says:

    What a gorgeous run! The threadle-wrap isn’t something I haven’t learned yet.. any links here on BDA ?

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