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Jack Daniels’ Post Run Analysis

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  • lesnroy says:

    You said that you felt your front cross after 3 pulled too far towards the tunnel, but I can’t see how you could have avoided that and still been off his line for him to land.
    In any case, fabulous run, and very interesting analysis!

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      The FC started sting but then I carried too much to my right. If you freeze the video at :40, that would have been the ideal line top open up and run forward to the right ring of #4. Instead, I opened up and moved right. It think I could have drove straight ahead from the :40 mark and he would have had room to land perpendicular to the bar. My motion cause more of a slice than is idea.

  • Beastie says:

    Another thorough analysis both before and after. I love the detail you share, it helps me learn so much.

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