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Standard Map Analysis

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  • says:

    Pros/cons on a front between 5 and 6?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Sorry I missed this over the weekend. I was keeping an eye on the FB group for questions and missed the ones being posted on the website. My apologies.

      Based on the map, I would encourage a BC between 5 and 6 more than a front cross. The jumping effort you want on jump 6 is extension so keeping forward cues as the dog approaches the jump is more consistent. In my experience, rotating towards the dog on a FC when you don’t need a tight turn dilutes the dogs willingness to turn tight when you want it. Having said that, I watched MANY great teams do a FC between the jump and aframe. I suspect they wanted to keep an eye on their dog to make sure they didn’t go off course to 12/16 which was definitely a possibility.

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