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Bee’s JWW Analysis

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  • says:

    Can you describe in more detail how your front cross on #7 could have been better? Thank you

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      From the handling side of things I needed more eye contact and a stronger shoulder rotation towards her (less inside arm). My first step was fine and my mechanics and location weren’t bad but she made NO effort to turn. I would have liked another stride by her. If I had stayed back at jump #7 I could have controlled the turn better but worried I would have been late for the FC after #9. I also think a verbal would have helped. I didn’t give her any cue besides “jump.” I would say this was 50% handling and 50% training.

  • linda Zehler says:

    Jenn in retrospect do you feel like the surface affected you getting to the ideal spot for the blind on 13/14? It looks doable on the map, but looked much more difficult in reality.

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I don’t think so. I never once over the weekend felt the surface was a problem for me. I do believe it was a problem for many dogs, especially the 12″ dogs and the dogs that ran late in this course. I think it attributed to Stings bar that kept him from going into challengers as he was sliding over the place and just couldn’t turn to make the jump.

      I will also admit that I didn’t realize my blind cross was so poorly executed until I watched the video back 😉 Usually I can feel things are off during the run (I talked about that in other analysis) but in this run the blind felt pretty good. So I think it was me just being late and not running fast enough; nothing more than an error on my part of handling.

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