Before and After: 2024 AKC National Agility Championship – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Before and After: 2024 AKC National Agility Championship

Mar 2024
Module 1 Welcome
Lesson 1 Introduction  
Lesson 2 Facebook Group  
Lesson 3 Changing Your Password  
Lesson 4 Current Time and Schedule  
Lesson 5 Helpful Links  
Lesson 6 The Difference Between the Livestream and the Before and After  
Lesson 7 Preview of the Event!  
Module 2 Premier Sweepstakes
Lesson 1 Premier Map  
Lesson 2 BONUS: Premier Map Analysis  
Lesson 3 BONUS: Bee Premier Run  
Lesson 4 BONUS: Bee Premier Run Analysis  
Module 3 International Sweepstakes Class (ISC)
Lesson 1 ISC Map  
Lesson 2 BONUS: ISC Map Analysis  
Module 4 Standard
Lesson 1 Standard Map  
Lesson 2 Standard Map Analysis  
Lesson 3 Jack Daniels Standard Run  
Lesson 4 Jack Daniels Standard Run Analysis  
Lesson 5 Bee Standard Run  
Lesson 6 Bee Standard Run Analysis  
Lesson 7 Amber and Howie Standard Run  
Lesson 8 Amber and Howie Standard Run Analysis  
Module 5 Jumpers With Weaves
Lesson 1 JWW Map  
Lesson 2 JWW Map Analysis  
Lesson 3 Hi5 JWW Run  
Lesson 4 Hi5 JWW Analysis  
Lesson 5 Rio JWW Run  
Lesson 6 Rio JWW Analysis  
Module 6 Hybrid
Lesson 1 Hybrid Map  
Lesson 2 Hybrid Map Analysis  
Lesson 3 Bee Hybrid Run  
Lesson 4 Bee Hybrid Analysis  
Lesson 5 Cynthia Hornor and Nimble Hybrid Run  
Lesson 6 Cynthia Hornor and Nimble Hybrid Analysis  
Lesson 7 Hi5 Hybrid Run  
Lesson 8 Hi5 Hybrid Analysis  
Module 7 Challengers
Lesson 1 Challengers Map  
Lesson 2 Challengers Map Analysis  
Lesson 3 Cynthia Hornor and Nimble Challengers Run  
Lesson 4 Nimble Run Analysis  
Lesson 5 Hi5 Challengers Run  
Lesson 6 Hi5 Challengers Analysis  
Module 8 Finals
Lesson 1 Finals Map  
Lesson 2 Finals Map Analysis  
Lesson 3 Bee Finals Run  
Lesson 4 Bee Finals Analysis  
Lesson 5 Amber McCune and Howie Finals Run  
Lesson 6 Howie Finals Analysis  
Lesson 7 BONUS: Jada Sawhney and Zula Win 16"  
Lesson 8 BONUS: Perry DeWitt and Wit Repeat  
Lesson 9 BONUS: Angie Benacquisto and Sundae Win 12"  
Module 9 Wrap-Up
Lesson 1 A Thank You to the Athletes  
Lesson 2 Survey  
Lesson 3 A Note About BDA VIP