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Hybrid Map Analysis

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  • Maureen says:

    I listened to most of this but someone walked up to talk to me just before the end. I missed the “be sure and pull to the tunnel” part. I did pull but Surf ran ahead focused on the Aframe, despite my “tunnel, tunnel”. She turned before touching the Aframe and went into the tunnel but we incurred a fault. She crossed the plane of the tunnel.
    This was a fun course of different challenges.

  • Denielle S says:

    This was a fun course to watch. It took disciplined handling to direct a dog through it without a mistake.

  • Sri Kothur (& Abbey) says:

    It’s really round 2 for half the people. It would be interesting to hear some opinions on the pros and cons of running JWW in the the 2 spot as opposed to the last 2 years when half the people are “stuck” with hybrid 2nd.

    Yes, I think it is a disadvantage to NOT have a contacts course last where people can use quick releases and whatnot based on what they believe they need.

    The jumpers course doesn’t have the same amount of variation in choices that could impacts times. I think this is true based on contact performance alone.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      GREAT point. In fact it is round 2 for Bee!

      There are so many different situations that can occur at nationals. Bee is a great example. She already has a placement. So any additional clean run at least guarantees challengers.

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