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The Most Important Thing

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  • says:

    Great points! I was trying to make my girl tug before she got her reward for doing something right in agility. I did conclude that it wasn’t a good idea as she didn’t get rewarded for the ‘agility’ she got rewarded for the tug – which she really doesn’t see the point of. Looking forward to this class!

  • Aileen P says:

    Would you use food at all to reward tugging? My sheltie is highly food motivated. He will chase a toy on a long line. Mild, brief tug once he has caught it. I have not been able to build much on that.

  • says:

    Hi..Just signed up for this class with my 18 month-old Border Terrier Jake. He has some good basic tugging skills but if food is available it can be hard for him to prefer the tug. He will retrieve the lotus ball also. Should I start right from the beginning with him?

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      If you have a reward system you’re using right now in training, go ahead and keep using it, while you start working with tugging on the side. It will be a separate project that you will integrate into your sequencing later on. Yes, go ahead and start at the beginning, with a toy he likes, but not the lotus ball, and work on biting and releasing on cue, letting him win by looking for the weight shift, and so on. Keep me posted!

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