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How to Tug with Medium Length Fleece Toys

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  • says:

    Thank you for alerting me to the Hol-ee Roller! Forrest is a singleton, and he knows how to entertain himself with toys. The Hol-ee rollers seem indestructible and give us a break from tugging, tossing, and playing retrieve with him. That thing does it all!

  • says:

    My dog who is 2 is very prey driven, so loves to chase and then bite the toy. The problem I am having is that she does not want to hold on and tug. I have had some luck with her holding briefly when I tug on the toy and pull her, but she releases before we are able to have any success with her “winning”. She has toys in the house which she loves to chew on. I feel like that has carried over so that her idea of fun with a toy is bite and release. The toy we are using for tug training is only brought out for this training.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      With dogs like this, you usually have to build duration patiently, giving them quiet encouragement like “good good good” when both of you are touching the tug at the same time, and especially if you feel the dog pulling against you. Have multiple short sessions and be patient.

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