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Watch for the Weight Shift

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  • Erika Kiss says:

    I have similar issues. I get her to chase and bite bit all I get is vigorous head shaking but no pull on her own. She is just surprised when I let her have the toy when she is shaking. Been watching for weight shift but hasn’t seen any yet.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Try adding the push-pull game to your sessions. The “step” before the weight shift is when the dog holds the toy but doesn’t move. This is the moment to try the push-pull game. Try to watch for the movement of the back feet. When you pull the dog toward you, they often dig in to stop moving forward and at that moment you can give a little bit and they should move backward.

  • Rudy says:

    My dog pulls really hard when I pull hard. As soon as I give it some slack or let him pull me he lays down instead of pulling back. Any advice?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Start with both of you pulling against each other, then give in by just a few inches, or maybe a foot, then IMMEDIATELY pull back again. When you give in, he’s likely to back up a bit just to keep his balance. Praise him but then start pulling back toward you before he can lay down.

      Do this occasionally, then try and get him to take 2 steps backward before you pull again.

      Also, when you’re giving slack give the smallest amount. Don’t suddenly go slack, keep the tension, but let him pull you toward him an inch or two.

      You can try some body play, patting his sides, stoking his head, which may also keep him from laying down.

    • says:

      Thank you for asking about this, Rudy. My dog does exactly the same thing!!

  • Chris E says:

    My dog really likes the fur toys but when I let her win she wants to take the toy and try to eat it or rip it up.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      All four of our dogs do the same. You can teach attach it to a long line so you let her win by letting go but she can’t go far and after she starts to chew, you can reel her back in like a fish and go again. I don’t yell at them for chewing though.

      Another strategy is to let them win by dragging you around, but not letting them win by letting go. Especially for dogs that zoom around the yard and won’t come back, it’s generally a bad idea to let them win that way. I’ll give several re-bites instead and simply keep the toy after the last one.

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