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Teaching the Release

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  • alincoln1963@gmail.com says:

    Being that I’m starting this late in the game with a few bad habits built in (pup is 7 months) will this technique work for her?

  • WilliesMom says:

    At the end of this training session, when you wish to quit the session entirely, you allow the dog to run off with the toy and wait until they lose interest?

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      It depends on the dog, I tried it with both puppies and the golden reached the point where she would bring it back and let me pet her while she held it. The poodle would not. After having this one year experiment, I would use it for dogs that value running off with it, but only in the beginning, and as soon as they learn the release, they should be left “wanting more” after a few re-bites, rather than allowed to run off with it.

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