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Platform Workout #1: Circuit x 4

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  • Ally Hamilton says:

    Kaldi and I struggled to keep our targeted feet still, especially on the down (with front paws targeted/raised) and pivots.

    I sped the video up in hopes it would make it more digestible but if there’s an easier way for me to send this to you (one example of each exercise?), just let me know!

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Here is video of our first attempt on this workout…I only did one set as I wasn’t sure if their form was sufficient to continue. How picky are you on form with these workouts?

    We’ve been really focusing on perfect execution (ie zero HL movement in a rock back sit) but what I’ve been finding is that they can do 1-2 “perfect” reps then we have some HL movement but I’m not sure how much is too much if that makes sense. For this workout I just ran them through it and took what they gave me…in reviewing the video I’m thinking I should’ve been a bit pickier but it’s a fine line for me on letting something go vs demanding perfection. Trying to find a balance but it’s a struggle!

    I’ve included Pandora’s work as well, 9 month old heeler/pitbull bitch…I cut out the initial down with FL target work as it blew her mind a bit and we had to break it down some.

    Looking forward to your feedback, thank you!!

    • Coach Leslie says:

      I’m really happy with all 3 dogs.
      I think Pandora should work a little more on the front paw target down to stand. Claire looks great. I would try speeding her up a little.
      Carat seems to do weird things with the left hind. I’m not sure if it’s more turned out than the right. Carat moves it more than the right. Try throwing in some rear paw targeting if you keep seeing it.

      • Kayla Swanberg says:

        Thank you! I will keep working with them. Carat toes out wide with both hind feet and has “happy” feet prancing when I ask for a better stand…here is some work that we did on hops this morning that I’d like some feedback on. She dances with both hind feet a bit but hops up nicely with minimal movement during the hop (hind limbs) but is moving her right front in most reps. Is there more I can do to help her? I have a narrower plank I can try as well as propels…with just a sensi mat she will still toe out on it and doesn’t seem to understand to keep her toes on just the mat on the ground. Thanks!!

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Thank you for these! Looking forward to playing with them over the next few weeks!

  • sebravo says:

    Leslie, I don’t have enough equipment, because I am moving from place to place…
    How hight should be the platform?

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Remind me is there rest between each set?

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