A Word from Kert – Bad Dog Agility Academy

A Word from Kert

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  • Mel36541 says:

    Stop if having pain… if I did that, I would never get out of the recliner! I certainly wouldn’t be working my dogs or exercising. LOL!

    Looking forward to the program!.

  • jillcohn@hotmail.com says:

    I am ready to get started and do this! Hoping that some of my current Barre and Biking will fit in somehow.

  • Christinede1 says:

    Great intro! I am sooo motivated now (really!!)! Looking forward to it!

  • SNovotny says:

    Hi Kert!!! So great to see you here! I enjoyed my few months on your program, but then the world just started spinning too fast and I fell out of the routine. Hope to stick with this program! Love working with you and can’t wait!!!! I’m counting on you to keep me motivated and accountable!

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