Session #36 (Strength and Conditioning) – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Session #36 (Strength and Conditioning)

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  • MaryYoung says:

    Still using this course (since 2021). Love it. Hope others are as well. Thanks VIP and Coach Kert.

  • says:

    I didn’t start this until winter but finished today. Great course! I can see and feel a difference.

  • Brianne S says:

    Yay! I finished! Stopped my first time through in week 6. Started over with week 1 3 months ago, so thrilled to have finished it up today.

  • says:

    Woo Hoo!! Second time through. Looking forward to being able to do more difficult versions in my third time through!

  • MaryYoung says:

    Many thanks! Excellent course. Looking forward to the wrap up but…I did it! 10/30 with 25 sec rests, so I need cool down and a couple days rest. LOL. I can’t believe it. Thank you!

  • monicasaetre says:

    Thank you! It has been a great program! And I am proud of myself for finishing in a timely manner. i will be going thought the sessions again to make a program going foreward

  • Virginia.hagan says:

    Thank you Chris! It’s been wonderful and I really do see a great improvement in my fitness level.

  • Susan Hofacker says:

    Thanks for the series of great exercises. I have enjoyed them very much. How do you recommend we perform our future sessions so we can continue to improve?

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